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Bolton’s Book Uncovers US Cyber Security Issues

As a company, we do not particularly care about discussing politics one way or another.  We believe that Democrats need to implement strong cyber security measures as much as Republicans, and we want to protect you from a cyber breach whether you are Conservative or Liberal.

That being said, we are aware of the fact that cyber security in the US, this country that we love, is woefully lacking.  And this lack starts at the top… from Obama to Trump, not enough is being done to remedy the problem in the government, even as the DoD works tirelessly to secure its contractors.

This is why it came as no real surprise to us to hear that former National Security Advisor John wrote in his book, “The Room Where it Happened” that apparently the Trump administration hasn’t done everything they could do to keep the White House secure.  The book, while it hasn’t yet been released, has been leaking all over the place.

In it, he acknowledges that the Obama administration was slightly lax… and even though many in the Trump administration are aware that changes need to be made, it never really takes center stage, and so we are falling farther and farther behind.  But on top of that, the Trump administration is giving US military plenty of room for cyber-offensive attacks, while neglecting our own need for security.

Some folks in the administration did attempt to make strides in US cyber security with National Security Presidential Memorandum 13 (NSPM-13, whose contents are mostly classified), but it was far from having the full support of the administration.

This was mostly due, according to Bolton, to Trump’s lack of understanding about the importance of cyber security.  He seemingly uses cyber security as a bargaining chip while simultaneously deciding to believe the authoritarian leaders of China and Russia over his own intelligence agencies.

And perhaps it’s because he doesn’t fully understand the importance of cyber security that he fails to see breaches as a threat to our national security.  But instead of fully blaming him for that, we see it is a part of a larger problem in the US.  Even though this is most likely the new way wars will be waged, because it’s still so intangible to so many people, unlike bombs and guns, it isn’t always recognized as the ACTUAL threat that is.

People often put off cybersecurity, until they become a victim – in which case, it’s too late.  It is actually understandable, though… Cyber security can be costly, without the advantage of having immediate revenue generated.  It’s like getting the plumbing or electric work up-to-date on a home renovation – it’s necessary, but because you can’t see it, it feels like a waste of money.

But it’s NOT a waste of money.

Our technology is changing rapidly.  It’s estimated that by 2025, we will have not only 5G networks, but also quantum computing.  This is very exciting… Especially if you’re a hacker!  While these advances in technology will be remarkable, they will also make hacking, especially into unsecured networks, much easier.  This is the whole reason there is a push for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to be developed and implemented.

That being said, thinking about this lack in security, once you know about it, can be maddening.  There really doesn’t seem to be much we can do to fix it on the federal level.

However, one thing you CAN control?  Is how YOU respond to the ever-increasing threats.  We might not be able to get a President, red or blue, to take cyber security seriously, but what can you do to secure your own business?

Well, for starters, we have created PTG’s Remote Security Checklist.  This checklist is free and you can get it by clicking here.  We created this checklist primarily for workers who started to work remotely from their home office due to the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic, but it’s a great guide for ANYONE with a home office.

And while the checklist is a good start, it is not going to be enough, especially going forward.  If you aren’t sure if your cyber security measures are strong enough?  Chances are, the are NOT.  Not only is this country woefully lacking in cyber security, but we are also woefully lacking in cyber security specialists.

We don’t say this to scare you into buying OUR cyber security products… You may very well go elsewhere and that is fine… As long as you go somewhere!  You can always give us a call to discuss your issues (919-422-2607), or you can schedule a FREE consultation with Craig online.

Keep in mind that Coronavirus isn’t the only virus out there right now or in the future, and hackers have absolutely no shame.  All we ask is that you try your best to stay safe out there right now.

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